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Sean Bishop

Graphic and Website Design

Sean Bishop is a Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Business Analyst.

The majority of web users don't stick around for too long, so I'll not keep you as I'm sure you have a busy day planned. Oh you do? Anything nice?

Seans MugSo on that note, thanks for coming to view my site. It features some of my work with various letters from the alphabet arranged in such a way that explains what it's all about, as well as the person that created it.

Feel free to drop by and say hello, salut, bonjourno, hola, konichiwa or even just 'hi'.

The Story so Far;

I'm resourceful, intelligent designer full of ideas. Always eager to learn and grow further, ready to help inspire and be inspired. I have a flexible, artistic style that can be applied to a wide spectrum of projects ranging from serious, business based work to the eye-catchingly humourous.

UPDATE: I'm currently studying for a degree in Web Development and Business in London.

Greatest Hits;
Creative Graphic Design for Print & Web, with high level industry experience. Flyers, business cards, logos, corporate stationery, posters, website design, HTML and CSS coding, SEO, event promotion, bespoke digital artwork..... but most importantly, ideas.

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